Infrared whole-body hyperthermia device heckel-HT3000 CE


The infrared whole-body hyperthermia device heckel-HT3000 is an effective, patient-compliant, flexibly applicable device for all levels of whole-body hyperthermia. 

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FebroData® - Documentation and Evaluation Software for Whole-Body Hyperthermia Treatment Sessions

The principal functions are:

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FebroData_fever range WBH_standard.png FebroData_long-duration_fever_range_WBH.jpg


Patient Monitoring

The current standard patient monitor to be deployed in a heckel Whole-Body Hyperthermia System is

other heckel-compatible patient monitors, that are no longer available for purchase


Patient's Bed

Basically, each patient's bed needs to stand at a minimum height of 80 cm and a ground clearance of at least 14 cm.
heckel offers a special version of STIEGELMEYER VIVENDO with electrical adjustment of height, head and knee position.