Notter M, Piazena H, Vaupel P published in the International Journal of Hyperthermia in 2016 a retrospective study of 73 patients with pre-irradiated LRBC from 2009 - 2015 at the Swiss public hospitals Hopitale Cantonale La-Chaux-de-Fonds and Lindenhofspital Berne.

Thermography controlled wIRA superficial hyperthermia treatment (45-60 minutes) was performed 1-4 minutes before hypofractionated radiotherapy of 5 treatments at 4 Gy, 1x/week.


Response rates in patients with macroscopic disease:
61% CR, 33% PR, 5% NC and 1% PD.
Local control throughout lifetime after CR of macroscopic disease: 59%.

All nine patients with microscopic disease had CR and local control throughout lifetime.

Only grade 1 toxicities were observed.

While compared to other clinical studies on HT/RT in LRBC, pre-irradiation dosage as well as the size of tumour lesions were highly above-average, the total re-irradiation dosage of 5 x 4 Gy = 20 Gy was the lowest dosage ever applied.

The low toxicity even allowed for the effective re-reirradiation of re-recurrences.

The publication including detailed analysis of patient characteristics, local control, survival and location of re-recurrences, is fully available OPEN ACCESS:


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