Local recurrence of breast cancer (LRBC)

Local recurrence of breast cancer is frequently a therapeutic challenge.
In case of pre-irradiation, effective tumour control by reirradiation faces the risk of cumulative radiotoxicity. These heavily pretreated patients are often also resistant to systemic therapies such as chemo- and hormonetherapy, or the side-effects of these therapies must be taken into consideration along with the limited anti-tumour effects that can be expected.

In 2005, Jones et al. published a randomised study of HT/RT compared to RT alone in superficial tumours. The CR rate in the combined HT/RT group was 66% compared to 42% in the RT group alone. A significantly higher CR rate was shown in patients who had previously been irradiated: 68% compared to 28%.

A recent Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis published by Datta N et al. in the International Journal of Radiation Oncology ((Vol. 94, No. 5, pp. 1073-1087, 2016) showed the efficacy of the combined HT/RT in the treatment of LRBC proven by randomized and single-arm clinical studies. In most of the studies the CR rate of pre-irradiated LRBC was between 60 and 70%.

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