Whole-body hyperthermia at the DGHT conference in Berlin



DGHT-Kongress 1
Dr. Sebastian Zschaeck, from Charité University Berlin, Department of Radiooncology, reviewed the clinical data of fever-range WBH, emphasizing the need for more clinical studies, also planned at Charité University. He reported preliminary results of the ongoing study Moderate Whole Body Hyperthermia for Patients Undergoing Re-irradiation for Head and Neck Cancer.
DGHT-Kongress 1
Dr. Stefan Hiller and Brigitte Deckers, from Filderklinik near Stuttgart, gave an overview of the principles of integrative oncology in an anthroposophic hospital and reported their use of fever-range whole-body hyperthermia. It is used in palliative, as well as in adjuvant settings, usually approximately 1 treatment per month. Main aims are the mitigation of side-effects of chemotherapy and the stimulation of anti-cancer immune surveillance.
DGHT-Kongress 1
Dr. Kay-U. Hanusch, from Emmenspital, in Switzerland reported a systematic review of 7 studies and 148 subjects on The impact of whole-body hyperthermia interventions on mood and depression, published OPEN ACCESS in the International Journal of Hyperthermia Volume 36, 2019 - Issue 1

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